Reshape Plugin Directory

Name Description Quality Author Links
reshape-include include partials into your reshape templates 98 jescalan
reshape-standard a standard plugin pack for reshape 99 jescalan
reshape-minify minifies html by removing extra whitespace and newlines 99 jescalan
reshape-layouts flexible layouts using ‘extend’ and ‘block’ tags 99 jescalan
reshape-retext transform all text contents with retext 98 jescalan
reshape-content flexible content transform for reshape 95 jescalan
reshape-markdown Include markdown files into your reshape templates 99 tmpfs
reshape-md Use Markdown in HTML 99 jonathantneal
reshape-hfill Use contextual headings in HTML 99 jonathantneal
reshape-tape Quickly test Reshape plugins 95 jonathantneal
reshape-component Include components in reshape templates 76 mssskhalsa
reshape-expressions local variables, expressions, loops, and conditionals 71 jescalan
reshape-custom-elements transform custom element names into class names 71 jescalan
reshape-beautify a reshape plugin that pretty-prints your html 54 jescalan
reshape-preact-components server render preact components and use them like custom elements 22 jescalan
reshape-standard-markdown-temp a temporary mod of reshape-standard while waiting on a PR 20 mwickett
reshape-react-components server render react components and use them like custom elements 13 jescalan
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